Fat & Oil

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Pan Release Agent

Minyak untuk melaspisi loyang sebelum membakar adonan supaya tidak lengket.


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Deep Frying Shortening

Solid cooking oils made from vegetables used for frying with a relatively high temperature.


Our margarine & shortening
products can be used for :
• Pastry & Bread
• Biscuit
• Butter cream
• Martabak manis
• Pancake
• Croissant
• Table Margarine

Margarine Sheet

The Master Martini range includes melanges enriched with butter in different percentages, combining the organoleptic qualities of dairy butter with the high performance of margarine during processing and in finished products. Our long-established knowledge of raw ingredients and state-of-the-art production facilities ensure the creation of excellent products for top-level confectionery and bakery.


The Melange range is best for obtaining high-quality results, thanks to the combination of the taste of butter with the high-performance qualities of vegetable margarine. The Master Martini range features two lines, defined by their different butter percentages: Melange Gold HB (High Butter) and Melange, with a lower butter content.

Butter Flavour Margarine

It is from our long-lasting experience in processing fats and our unparalleled level of specialization that the wide variety of Master Martini margarines is born: a complete range in types, purposes and formats. Fats are selected, formulated and produced in our own plant according to specific purposes and precise quality standards, then quality-checked and certified: this is what makes our products top-performing and suitable for any customer’s needs, from the most discerning and finest artisan to large-scale laboratories.


Gioia is our margarine line specifically intended for the preparation of creams, whipped batters, risen doughs, shortcakes and biscuits, marked by a delicate, high-quality taste.